BRIGHT FUTURE: Donating for a Good Cause


One third of the world’s 1.2 billion poorest people live in India. The world had 872.3 million people below the new poverty line, of which 179.6 million people live in India. India is home to the largest number of poor with one-third of the world's 1.2 billion extreme poor living here. India also has the highest number of deaths for children ages five and under. At present, 29.8% of the Indian population lives below the poverty line.Hyderabad has an estimated population of 7 million making it India's fifth-largest city. Around 13.48% of population (540,000) lives below poverty line.

Hyderabad is characterized by a growing urban poverty profile. Furthermore, slum settlements have multiplied over decades and the living condition have not improved. Lack of facilities and institutions prolong poverty, inhibit the future generation of India to enter a productive workforce, support the continuation of inequality, poverty, and the mistreatment of poor and underprivileged Indians.

To help alleviate poverty and create a more intelligent, able-bodied population of workers, students, and citizens, education is crucial. Education single-handedly provides intellectual power, education for financial support, global recognition, access to knowledge acquired by the world’s greatest thinkers, an opportunity for students to excel by challenging themselves, and striving to become better citizens of India. BRIGHT FUTURE school is located near the slums of Hyderabad. It is easily accessible to families of low income and those who need special assistance. This school provides a safe environment for all students, is easily affordable through installment plans, and advocates equality among all students.

Bright future school provides all educational foundation classes, including but not limited to: mathematics, science, history, and writing and reading. Students are taught good values and virtues. This school also provides Islamic teaching. If young kids are sent off to work at an early age, they will not have the chance to learn about praying, the five pillars of Islam, how to be a good a Muslim, and the basic, fundamental teachings of Islam. Most importantly, all students will benefit from education in obtaining a career.